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With Etsy Consulting Service, you will now be able to earn money and establish a company by trading on the internet.

Etsy offers many people the opportunity to earn income by making e-commerce, but also paves the way for them to carry their business to the digitalizing world.

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No, you don’t need to set any regular budget. Etsy is a very strong marketplace that can sell handmade products in the global market, so when you start selling on Etsy, you will see the benefits in your turnover. Although it is not high amounts to make this strategic move, allocating some budget to make this strategic move will strengthen your hand and the competition you will create will strengthen your hand.

Evet, Etsy mağazanızı açtıktan sonra, Etsy panel ve yönetim eğitimi de veriyoruz.

It is not necessary to establish a company to sell on Etsy. However, people who want to institutionalize can optionally establish a company. Nevertheless, one should act according to the disadvantages and advantages of being a company or not.