Performance Marketing Service

Performance marketing service stands out as an effective marketing strategy in the growth of businesses today. This service enables the business to reach its target audience directly, attract the attention of potential customers and increase sales.

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What Do We Do in Performance Marketing Service?

Social Media Advertising Management

We can increase your turnover and potential customers by advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkenIn, Tiktok and any social media platform you can think of.

Large Scale Advertising Management (PR)

We can make large-scale advertising of your company or project with convectional adverts.

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How Does the Performance Marketing Process Work?

The first step is to define specific goals and target audiences of the business. Goals can be, for example, making more sales, getting more website traffic, gaining more subscribers, and so on. Target audiences are people with specific demographics, interests and behavioural characteristics.

The second stage is to prepare a campaign plan in line with the objectives. This plan determines which digital channels will be used, what kind of advertisements will be made, how much budget will be allocated and how long the campaign will last.

The third stage is the measurement of campaign results. At this stage, it is evaluated whether the campaign objectives have been achieved. By using measurable performance indicators, the effectiveness and returns of the campaign are measured.

The final phase is the optimisation of campaign strategies. In this phase, campaign data is analysed and strategies are optimised to further achieve the objectives. This can mean updating the campaign to improve the performance of the adverts, ensuring more efficient use of the budget and achieving better results.

Questions About Performance Marketing Service

Performance marketing service is a method that allows businesses in the field of internet marketing to implement a marketing strategy based on predetermined measurements to achieve a specific goal. This strategy makes the marketing activities of businesses measurable, allowing the success rates of advertising campaigns to be monitored.

All kinds of businesses can benefit from performance marketing services. However, e-commerce sites, application developers and online service providers that sell products or services over the internet can benefit more from performance marketing services.

The budget for performance marketing depends on many factors and it is difficult to give a definitive answer. These factors include industry, product/service, target audience, marketing objectives, level of competition and targeted results.

Performance marketing services can be used at different stages of advertising campaigns. For example, techniques that focus on organic search results, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), help businesses improve their rankings in search engines. In addition, other methods, such as advertising networks, allow businesses to communicate directly with their target audience.

Performance marketing service is a marketing strategy that aims to achieve measurable results to achieve specific goals. By using this service, it is possible to achieve the following results.

Careful selection should be made about the agencies to work with for performance marketing services. It is recommended that businesses first obtain detailed information about the agency’s experience, references and areas of expertise. In addition, it is important that the agency offers a strategy in line with the objectives of the business and ensures that the measurements are made accurately.

The performance marketing service ensures that the advertising budget is used more effectively. Since businesses can measure the success rates of their advertising campaigns, they can stop unsuccessful advertisements and more effective ones should be accurately determined and advertising messages should be prepared in the most effective way possible.

Conversion rates can be increased with performance marketing services. This is possible by ensuring that advertising campaigns reach their target audiences accurately, contain effective messages and determine the correct targeting criteria. In addition, businesses can also increase conversion rates by improving the customer experience, facilitating the purchase process and creating a reliable brand image.

Performance marketing also plays an effective role in building customer loyalty. It is important for businesses to improve the customer experience and focus on meeting customers’ needs. In addition, customer loyalty can be created by offering special campaigns, discounts and opportunities to customers. At the same time, giving importance to the feedback of customers and taking their demands into consideration is also important for customer loyalty.

Many measurements can be made with the performance marketing service. For example, measurements such as click-through rate, conversion rate, average order value of advertising campaigns can be made. In addition, measurements such as the number of page views, drop rate, average session duration on the website of businesses can also be made. These measurements allow businesses to measure the success rates of their advertising campaigns and optimise their campaigns.