What is SEO, How is it done? Detailed Guide

SEO, which means Search Engine Optimisation, is the work done to increase the target site in Google rankings in focus keywords.

Before starting the SEO work, the entire technical infrastructure of the site is examined. After all the examinations are completed, internal and Technical SEO is done and then External SEO Work is started.

How to do SEO?

How to Do SEO We will answer the question step by step. You can do SEO by following the steps below.

Step #1 On Page SEO

Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis; Research the keywords you want to rank high on Google using SEO tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs and find different variations of your main target word.

Step #2 On Page SEO

Preparation of Landing Pages

Keyword Analysis; After researching the keywords you want to rank high in Google, open special landing pages for each keyword you want to rank high in Google and do the following steps on the pages you open;

  • Pass the target word in the URL.
  • Keep the URL short.
  • Pass the target word twice in the Meta Description.
  • Create subheadings related to your main target word on the page.
  • Under each title you create, write paragraphs containing variations of your main target word.
Step #3 Teknik SEO

Site Speed, Structured Data and iP Interval

After doing the On Page SEO steps above, you can switch to Technical SEO studies. What you need to do in Technical SEO studies are given below in order. and iP Range

  • Have a single class ip using a private ip address.
  • Integrate Structured Data into pages.
  • Optimise site speed.
  • Correct errors 5XX , 4XX and 3XX, if any.
Step #4 Content SEO

Content Publishing and Optimisation

After technical SEO studies, preparing and sharing seo-compatible articles / content related to your focus keywords and optimising the previous articles in accordance with seo rules will bring you organic traffic other than your main target word.

Step #5 Off Page SEO

Backlink Optimisation

After supporting On Page and Technical SEO studies with Content entry and optimisation, you can accelerate your process of ranking higher in SERP results by supporting all these studies with Off Page SEO.

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What do we do in SEO?

On Page SEO, also known as On Page SEO, analyses each page of your site according to the keywords you have determined and based on the data obtained as a result of the analyses, we make data-based site arrangements.

In our technical SEO studies, we increase your site speed by optimising your site infrastructure and server from start to finish. In addition to site speed, we increase your SEO visibility with server ip address range and structured data.

Using the keywords you have determined, we prepare content that your potential customers will always need to search and read. Thanks to these contents, your potential audience converts by reading your content.

Off Page SEO, also known as Backlink, On Page SEO, Technical SEO and Content Optimisation studies are supported and Google top ranking processes are accelerated.

SEO Hakkında Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process to achieve very good ranking of websites in search engines. These methods allow websites to obtain higher traffic by making them suitable for search engine algorithms.

SEO is the abbreviation of the word “Search Engine Optimisation”. In Turkish, it means “Search Engine Optimisation”. SEO is the work done for websites to rank higher in search results, ie pages (SERP). SEO studies can help websites get more organic traffic and therefore reach more potential customers.

The importance of SEO is increasing today because the use of the internet is also increasing. Internet users first turn to search engines to find the information or products they want to research in search engines, and they look at the sites on the first pages of the results they receive as more secure information. SEO studies ensure that the sites are ranked at the top and attract more users to the site.

SEO allows websites to rank higher in the search engine, allowing you to attract more traffic and reach more customers. Together with these, it greatly increases your brand awareness. Some reasons to get SEO service:
Higher organic traffic, Better user experience, Competitive advantage, Higher conversion rates and Brand awareness. As a result, when you get SEO service, benefits such as more organic traffic, better user experience, competitive advantage, higher conversion rates and higher brand awareness help your business grow and develop.

Organic traffic is natural visitor traffic generated by real people who can access your website through search engines, social media, other websites or by typing the URL directly. Organic traffic means traffic generated without paid advertising or promotion. Organic traffic is generated when users enter your website in their own natural ways. Increasing the visibility of your organic traffic site allows you to reach more potential customers.

Technical SEO includes On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Voice SEO services.

It varies according to the status of your site in search engines, so we cannot say an exact time for this.

SEO Agencies cannot guarantee ranking, but it guarantees that your site can come to better places than where it is.

Innovative360 SEO for semrush, ahrefs etc. It ensures that your site is in the best position by using tools.

SEO work consists of 5 stages;
Technical SEO, On Page SEO (On Page SEO), Off Page SEO (Off Page SEO), Voice SEO (Voice SEO) and finally Local SEO SEO SEO work is applied to your site by going through these stages.

We need SEO to rank high in search engines. We can rank high by getting SEO consultancy for this need.

SEO consultant is the person who gives the customer to implement the techniques that allow you to rank high in search engines such as Google, Yandex.

Today, many companies want to be at the forefront. They need SEO to be at the forefront. Increasing the visibility of the sites increases the awareness of the services of the companies.

In order for the article to be SEO compatible, the title structure and keywords in the sentence are important. By applying them correctly, you are one step closer to writing SEO compatible articles.

Technical SEO involves marking your site’s structured data to help Google recognise your site in indexing.

In-site SEO In order for your site to be at the forefront of your site, the changes we make for google to read and understand it correctly are called on-site SEO. In-site SEO includes. It covers the arrangements you make in areas such as URL, Description, Title, content, visual.

Off-site SEO is the references and recommendations your site receives from other sources. The references received play a big role in your site reaching higher rankings.

Good user experience is an important factor that allows the user to stay on your site. When the user experience is bad, it means that the user quickly gets bored and leaves your site. Therefore, the better the user experience is understood, the happier the user will leave when they enter your site.

SEM is Advertising, SEO is Organic.